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I came across Cape Town artist and designer, Michou Osterwald, of Michou Bowls on Instagram, and I was bowled over, see what I did there?

Her unique handcrafted gilded and wooden bowls are stunning, Michou says my bowls have no function other than to please the eye. In their imperfection lies their beauty.

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The gilded bowls,  gilded through the ancient practice of water-gilding bring Northern Africa and Southern Africa together in the juxtaposition of constructed formality against relatively spontaneous carving work.

Michou uses various precious metals: 23,75 carat gold leaf, red gold, platinum-gold, genuine silver leaf or green golds made up of special alloys. She employs the ancient Egyptian water-gilding method: gesso base, bole underground, shot with precious leaf and either burnished to a high polish or treated to remain matt.

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Pretty unique right? I’m seriously swooning over these bespoke handcrafted beauties. Each piece is an artwork, a one of a kind object that serves to be enjoyed purely for its aesthetic innovation and unusual partnership of exciting and exotic materials. The dichotomy between the elements is what makes my heart beat a little faster.

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For more of this gleaming goodness, head over to Michou Bowls .

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know I have a thing for metallics so, needless to say, I’m holding myself back here.

Happy Monday!

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