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Hello lovely ones.

I am one of those people, I’m assuming others like myself do exist, that loves nothing more than a good old peep into other peoples homes. Obviously home features in décor mags are up there with one of my favourite things to see, but I often find myself perusing the online property websites as well. No sugar coating it, most of the homes are not my vibe, but now and again a real stunner shows up.

I recently came across Architektura Wnetrz , I cannot understand a word of the copy, but holy mother of all things décor, it has the most amazing homes to see! Their Facebook page is almost as addictive as Pinterest and I lost myself in the goodness for a solid chunk of time.

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One such home which got me all excited was this one. I don’t feel any explanation is needed, except to say, it’s black and white with bold additions of colour, not to mention the über romantic yet impactful wallpaper.

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The attention to detail, beautifully chosen wall colours, and amazing light are spot on.  I feel like I could move in and live happily ever after.

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I’m giving some serious thought to adding a romantic yet strong print wallpaper into my life. Also, those floors.

Happy Tuesday!

xox Jacqui resize

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